Doggie Evaluations  

For the safety of our beloved pets, ALL DOGS entering our Programs are required to have an Evaluation with the HGT Trainer prior to being accepted into any of the programs.

HGT reserves the right to deny any dog from our programs at any time based on the dog's temperament, vaccinations, licensing and/or behavior. Please schedule your Evaluation as soon as possible, prior to the time you expect to enter your dog into our programs. Thank you. Click here for forms.


New Clients

Deposit required to secure all new-client reservations.

Family Dogs

We often accommodate multiple dogs who are members of the same family. So, you can bring your entire canine family at once. It's a lot more fun if you bring a friend.




Standard Boarding Rates - One Dog

6 nights or less $45/night

7 nights or more $40/night

Unlimited Playtime - rain or shine - is included in these rates. There is never an extra charge for playtime.


Standard Boarding Rates - Two Dogs

6 nights or less $78/night

7 nights or more $75/night

All dogs, especially large dogs, need to run & play to be healthy. That's why playtime is important to HGT & you.


Look for the Pink Dog!

Playtime HGT  

Dog Play


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