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Dog Day Care & Boarding.  Near Dulles Airport.  Oversize kennels for 1 or 2 dogs.

Dog Boarding & Day Care in rural Leesburg, VA

HGT offers beautiful securely fenced pastures where your dog will run
& play with his specially-selected doggie friends.  There are no additional charges for outdoor play time.  Because we specialize in larger dog boarding, our kennels are very spacious (8'x4').    We understand how expensive dog care can be and offer economical pricing (see below) plus personal care.


Accomodate owners pick-up/drop-off times.  No extra charges for play time.


  1. 3 Securely Fenced Pastures for Play 
  3.  HGT Pasture Maintenance includes scheduled applications of all natural (green) pest control treatments to eliminate ticks, fleas, mites, etc. 
  4. Spacious, comfortable kennels big enough for one large dog or two family dogs (8'x4')
  5. Accomodating pick up & drop off times & days
  6. Loving attention your dog needs to be calm & happy
  7. Your dog will love it & so will you!!
  8. All inclusive pricing.  No extra charges for outside play & running. 



HGT is not a traditional kennel. We are an alternative farm-setting dog care facility. Because HGT's facilities are located on spacious farmland where our Guests can run & play outside (100% supervised), we have developed a special relationship with owners of large dogs.

It is a huge relief to owners of our larger Guests to know their special dog isn't cooped up in solitary confinement all day & is treated with just as much love & affection as the cute little guys. 

Free temperment evaluation for dog pack play time. Securely fenced for free dog running play.

Temperament Evaluation

Because dogs are naturally social animals, we allow them to be outside together, weather permitting.  Ideally, they will have hours of play time outside.  Therefore, we require that you bring your dog in prior to booking to evaluate how he reacts to other dogs.  Evaluation usually takes about 30 minutes & is invaluable to the comfort & safety of our beloved pets.

HGT reserves the right to deny any dog from our programs at any time based on the dog's temperament, vaccinations, licensing and/or behavior. Please schedule your Evaluation as soon as possible, prior to the time you expect to enter your dog into our programs. Thank you. 

 Is your dog a good fit with HGT? Having had experience with so many dogs (& their owners) since opening, we've found that some dogs are more comfortable in our farm setting than others. Here are the dog qualities that assure a successful stay at HGT: social with dogs & people, healthy (honestly, healthy), 1-10 years old, obedient (or at least gives it the old college try).

The following qualities usually predict that a guest dog will not do very well in an outdoor setting with our other country dogs: overly aggressive (biters and fighters), runners (escape artists!), sick or heavily medicated, over 10 years old, and/or dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. If your dog has any of the latter qualities, please discuss with us.  Also please note that  Stay-at-Home Doggies, not used to regular exercise, may suffer some muscle soreness after a few days. It's normal. However, if your dog has any bone/muscle issues, please let us know during the evaluation.



Map of Loudoun County

HOWL OF A GOOD TIME is located at 18908 Harmony Church Rd. (aka Rt. 704).

HOWL OF A GOOD TIME is located at 18908 Harmony Church Rd. (aka Rt. 704).

From Leesburg, take Rt. 15 South & turn right on Harmony Church Road. HGT is on the right side of the road, 1.9 miles from Rt. 15.
From Rt. 50, take Rt. 15 North @10 mi. & turn left on Harmony Church. HGT is 1.9 mi. from Rt. 15, on the right side of the road.

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Howl of a Good Time

18908 Harmony Church Road, Leesburg, Virginia 20175, USA

(703) 777-6389



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07:00 am – 06:00 pm


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  • Delayed flights, traffic, etc.are problems!  If you need special pick-up or drop-off times, please let us know.   We will do our best to accommodate you.